Live Review of DORO with Special Guests, THE MIGHTY SWINE, ARAPACIS and POTION 13
Petit Campus, 57 Prince Arthur Est, Montréal, Canada.
Sunday, October 19th, 2014.

Converging upon Petit Campus, fans hungrily anticipated the arrival of German Heavy Metal icon, Doro Pesch, bringing with her an arsenal of both WARLOCK and solo hits to entertain! As the merchandise table was awash with curious onlookers and buyers, the night`s festivities started out with a bang! Thanks to Extensive Enterprise for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this event, an event not soon forgotten.

Montreal’s POTION 13 certainly stormed the gate hard with exuberant members energetically wooing the crowd. Naty Baril’s bass heavy rhythm kept a steady grove while singer, Danielle Langlois charmed the audience with abundant praise and ear to ear grins! Clearly happy to be opening for DORO, the set consisted of fan favorites, “La Révolution”, “La Mort” and “Le Rock ça Tue”, but it was standouts, “Camping Ste-Madelaine” and “Passion 13” that nicely demonstrated the band’s knack for infectious grooves with just enough head bobbing to satiate fans for the moment! On stage camaraderie was apparent as well as Langlois and Baril traded excited glances. “Fuck the World” had fans chanting the chorus and with a simplistic but effective message, POTION 13 soon left the stage victorious!



ARAPACIS mounted the stage next and with a healthy mix of Prog., Hard Rock and Metal, the audience was treated to songs that defied convention. A little green, singer, Shelle Macpheason performed nicely under the hot lights, crooning away numbers, “Horror Show”, “Crisis” and “Theocracy” with sporadic bouts of vocal aggression while guitarist, Jerry Fielden flamboyantly exchanged licks with bassist, Eddy Levitsky. The progressive elements of the set sprang to live on set highlights “Tearing the Mist” (a new song that’s set to appear on their forthcoming record and will feature the keyboard talents of DEEP PURPLE’s, Don Airey) and final cut, “End of the Line”. Both effective in displaying the band’s multi-facetted sound, the latter combining a mellow, yet “hooky” charm!



Travelling from Cincinnati, Ohio, THE MIGHTY SWINE brought the night down to true, biker/bar Rock with a tight performance, albeit with slight technical problems for guitarist, Jeff Tong. Regardless, the band played like seasoned veterans, commanding the stage and “rocking out” hard! Exuding a strong sense of bravado and rebellion, THE MIGHTY SWINE confidently exploded through “Empty Shell” “Vengeance is Mine”, and “Two Graves”. “Good time anthems” characterized much of their set but mid-paced stomper, “Dead Man’s Stare” and “Rite of Passage” showed the band slowing down to an almost SABBATH-tinged pace. “All that is Evil” was particularly punchy and “in your face”, although it was the band’s final cut as Tong’s gear continued to impede his performance, ending the set before they could play JUDAS PRIEST cover, “Hell Bent for Leather”. Regardless, a tight and high-octane execution was achieved!



Adrenaline pumping and chants of “Metal Queen” greeted DORO as the band mounted the stage before ripping into “I Rule the Ruins” to an ecstatic crowd! If there is any Metal personality that instills the “Metal brotherhood” and celebration of all things “metallic”, it’s Doro Pesch and she made no apologies for it neither! Fully embracing the hungry fans up front, the class act clasped hands and extended her microphone to wanton onlookers looking to shout out their favorite lyrics! Getting up close and personal, the way she commanded the stage made for a more intimate experience for the audience. Hit after hit reverberated off the walls as “Earthshaker Rock”, “Burning the Witches”, newer cut, “Raise Your Fist”, “Out of Control” and “True as Steel” all made “appearances”. Being the consummate hostess, Doro also took requests from the baying crowd who wanted to hear “Always Live to Win”, “Night of the Warlock”, “East Meets West”, “Hellbound” and “Hero”, which was dedicated to the late, great Ronnie James Dio. Live staples, “All We Are” and Priest cover, “Breaking the Law” were also heard with massive applause to which the “Queen”, humbly bowed and offered her many thanks! The charm of the German lady could not be understated.

However, it was also due in fact to her backing band who kept the fevered momentum going. With so much youthfulness and vigor, fans were regaled by onstage showmanship that never let up for a second! Guitarist and bassist, Bas Maas and Nick Douglas pranced and jubilantly gyrated across the floor headbanging their heads off while drummer Johnny Dee raised the roof with a solo that kept the crowd decibel levels at maximum pitch! All this as Doro, raised horns in the air, ensured that the pride of the Metal fan was in full swing and by the end of the night, patrons left Petit Campus with an experience that more than likely exceeded their expectations…