Hate_Unbound - Plague cover

Le groupe de Death Metal HATE UNBOUND a sorti la vidéo pour la pièce «I, Martyr» tirée de son premier album «Plague» paru le 17 Février 2017 via Inverse Records. Voici les commentaires de Daryl Mitchell (guitare) concernant le scénario de la vidéo:

For the «I, Martyr» video, we went with an abstract idea. One that implies that a persecuted person, a potential martyr if you will, had fought back against their oppressor and won. Now she is dragging her victim’s bodies in order release their souls. Showing the struggles she has from carrying the guilt and then bleeding out and dying. We tried to not get to deep into the specifics in hopes that people would form their own opinion of how and why things happen the way they do. We hope you enjoy it.

-Lex Ivian