February 10th, 2017 – The Coalition T.O.
Neurotic Entertainment presents The Exalted Piledriver, Demontage, Profaner and Sludgehammer.


10 Fevrier 2017 - Toronto - Piledriver

A show with good opening bands shows a lot of guts because everyone fears not having a crowd. However, SLUDHEHAMMER came on strong! They were swinging with so much groove. They got low in their breakdowns and bassist/singer Dan set the tone with a scowl and anticipation on his brow. They have choruses that won me over and I’m hooked on their phrasing of «molevolent intention». They are now a 4 piece, now without a permanent lead singer. The decision to continue without a defining member is brave, but their desire to play clearly outweighs the uncertainty. PROFANER bass player Rusty had been stepping in on vocals for a mini tour the band had been on. He was a great addition, bringing the PROFANER charm and mimicking Jeff‘s «O» faces during his solos. SLUDGEHAMMER‘s new album «The Fallen Sun» can be found on Bandcamp.

PROFANER changed things up big time. They had just come off a Mini Tour with SLUDGEHAMMER and the two clearly bonded and had a blast. I honestly had to get out of the slinky groove and check myself. PROFANER are a different beast. Once everyone in the crowd adjusted, they were in the palm of the lead singers hand. The precision and abruptness in their style was like the metallizing of Hardcore. Halfway through the set, the audience was responding on cue with fist pumping call and response. Being well known for their antics, the bands chemistry fizzles over on stage with synchronized guitar moves. They are satyrical and silly at times, but that is ok knowing that when they want to, they can melt your face off. Their last song was harmonious and climactic, confirming for me their stature as Wacken Battle Canada Champions. Hear their Wacken Open Air performance on Bandcamp.

My buddy arrived and we crushed a beer, it was so damn cold that weekend so we scurried back inside to catch DEMONTAGE. This is a band I have seen for years, even seen out on the road.The music was fluid between epic Death and technical syncopation. Their connection to the Toronto Metal scene is an evolution from classic Death and melody. The Thrash elements had people going nuts, the place exploded for «Mad Thrasher». I lost feeling in my arm from a Mosher at this point, a straight funny bone motherfucker! A great layer to their sound was the drummers singing, it was heartfelt and a haunting vibrato. Everyone was givin’er! Their latest release «Fire Of Iniquity» is found on their website.

The Exalted PILEDRIVER, how could I forget. The fun of seeing old pictures of Piley can only be out done by braving the apprehension of seeing the show. He is fucking intimidating, all MAN! As soon as the show kicked off I remembered «I have seen PILEDRIVER like twice already and I love their music!» It all comes rushing back, and reminds me of Judas Priest, because of the songs. The song craft is so strong, right away I sing the choruses with the hardcore fans. Grotesque and honest, fleghm and all. The crowd packed up front, and local Metal warrior Kevin went crowd surfing, the women were into it, there was so much energy! First few songs were amazing and later on I remembered «WitchHunt» being in the same degree of liquid hot metal! The fog machine got Piley all choked up, so he went to go take a shit. Everyone cheered, and they won over another fan in me!

The Show all in all was killer, another amazing event brought to us by Neurotic Entertainment in Toronto.

Jack Cerre