Shallow Grave

Battlegod Productions



Since 2003’s debut, “Threshold”, Australia’s TEMTRIS have steadily been amassing a huge fan base playing an eclectic brand of Power/Heavy Metal that’s more in line with DORO or ICED EARTH than NIGHTWISH, EPICA. This year marks the band’s third outing, “Shallow Grave” that sees the quintet set the bar even higher!

Captured” starts the album with a forceful punch, with vocalist Genevieve Rodda’s leading the charge but it’s with “Slave to the System” that her performance really begins to shine! Set against a musical juggernaut of double bass, subtle Death growls (courtesy of guitarist, Llew Smith) and a fierce momentum MEGADETH fans would swoon over the song carries onto the title track, which is equally impressive. There’s nothing delicate or “sweet” about TEMTRIS’s sound. Strong angry song writing and mastering by Lord Tim give the album a vicious feel, not to mention Rodda’s “warrior-like” battle cry on “Shallow Grave” and “Your Time Will Come”, one of the many highlights. “Shallow Grave” isn’t all bombast. There is variation, though it isn’t apparent immediately. “Silent Tears” boasts a slower, saddened melody that pulls on the heartstrings before tremolo guitars and powerful chords tear away the serenity. “Forever Haunted” returns to familiar territory in the dual vocals and menacing overtones and epic feel.

Certainly Australia’s, TEMTRIS have become household name in the International Heavy Metal scene and with “Shallow Grave” they only prove to solidify that reputation. With repeated spins will the listener slowly familiarize him/herself with the cuts; initial listens may hear the songs blend into one another but ultimately a satisfying experience will be had. See you in the pit as these songs are tailor made to be performed live! Since then, here’s below the official video for “Your time has come” and their reverbnation player. Enjoy!!

Standout Tracks: “Slave to the System”, “Silent Tears”, “Your Time Has Come