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    Posted by Chris Wheeler on October 30th, 2014



    The Return of THE Voice – An Interview with David Ingram

    Avid Death Metal fans who no doubt are familiar with BENEDICTION and BOLT THROWER will be thrilled to hear the return of David Ingram who`s latest incarnation, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN has already impressed many! Audibly different from his previous exploits, I had the opportunity to ask the frontman about where the idea to form a Death Crust/Punk act came from and where the band lies in 2014’s extreme Metal pantheon… Chris


    Chrismetalreviews Wheeler: What was the impetus for starting DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN and collaborating with Dennis Blomberg (Paganizer) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Bone Gnawer, The Grotesquery)?

    David Ingram: Rogga contacted me to ask if I was interested in performing on one track of his MEGASCAVENGER project – which I did and it’s out now. The entire album sounds killer! – and I began thinking about making a full album and continuing project with him. I suggested this, he agreed and DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN was born. 9 months later the debut album was released…and that makes us sound like proud parents, doesn’t it?


    Wheeler: The self-titled debut record was released last year in 2013. What has been the reaction thus far from fans and critics? Are the opinions synonymous with each other?

    Ingram: The only negative words I’ve seen about it are that the album isn’t long enough! It’s harder for bands these days, what with the internet and the user-friendly technology out there, so having all positive reviews is quite an achievement. I’m sure there’s somebody out there not happy with it, but I’ve yet to see anything like that.


    Wheeler: How have you been involved in music since being in DOWNLORD in 2007 and how has the time led you to DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN?

    Ingram: My closest friend Donovan and I decided to do an internet radio show once we had finished Downlord. Metal Breakfast Radio began, and on it we make a commentary over the music and critique it in real time. We are both heavily experienced in this genre, as people will know, so we are more than qualified to give our opinions. Sometimes we are very harsh…mostly we’re having a few drinks, and it’s just a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously. We enjoy it immensely, and have been doing it weekly for the last 6 and a half years. There’s also been the odd guest vocal spot with bands such as Necrodemon, Anton, Just Before Dawn and most recently for Kam Lee and his Bone Gnawer project.


    Wheeler: The sound of DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN is very much inspired by crust and punk. Have these genres been styles you have always been interested in or have they gradually become so?

    Ingram: I’ve always been into those styles, even before I got into the more extreme Metal believe it or not. That type of music has been around for a long time, and has been a part of my life since I first learned to use a stereo.


    Wheeler: Often Punk has been synonymous with political or social issues lyrically. Does DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN subscribe to this type of lyric as well or have you chosen to tackle other content/subject matter?

    Ingram: The subject matter for the album comes from the most unlikely of places. I am a big fan of the TV series Doctor Who, and I have been all my life. One of the characters in books and audio adventures is a Professor of Archaeology named Bernice Summerfield. Her character wrote a book on archaeology called “Down Among The Dead Men” …so now you can see where I got the band name from. All but one of the song titles are titles of stories her character has appeared in (with a slim link to them too.) I have written to the actress who plays the character and sent her a copy of the album. Not her cup of tea, but she enjoyed the connection.

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    Wheeler: Have you had the chance to tour the album? Any chance fans will be able to see you in North America?

    Ingram: No, we had to curtail all touring plans when my wife was diagnosed with cancer last year. She has been victorious over the disease and is 100% well now, so we can get back to planning live shows. Unfortunately there have been some member problems but we are getting through that and have begun working on new material – something we would need anyway were we to tour (the album is only 31 minutes long).


    Wheeler: Cyclone Empire is a label whose roster includes a vast array of bands and styles. How has it been to work with them compared to Metal Blade Records who released it earlier this year in North America?

    Ingram: Both labels are totally fucking outstanding ones! I’m not saying that to kiss ass…these guys know their Metal and their history, and it’s a pleasure to work with them.


    Wheeler: You have been well known for being the vocalist in BENEDICTION since its inception and offering vocals in BOLT THROWER as well. Is there a noticeable difference in being in DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, either in the studio or with the writing process?

    Ingram: Indeed! This is the 21st century so we don’t need to be in the same room…building….country!! Do you know…I have never met the rest of the guys in the band. We work across the ‘net and it makes for a stress free environment, especially for me. I can work at my own pace and take breaks when I want. I love it that way.


    Wheeler: Are you still recognized or idolized for being in such “classic acts”? Is it difficult for you to distance yourself from older bands and be recognized for the “here and now” or do you consider the reference a privilege?

    Ingram: It’s a definite privilege and something that I am proud to have been a part of. I mean, why would I want to hide my past like that? As much as I love to be “ever forward” and moving to something new, I will still remember where I was, what I was doing, and all the good times I had. Let me tell you…being a member of Bolt Thrower for almost 6 years was an honour and a pleasure. I will carry that with me always, as will I the time spent in Benediction & Downlord. Good days. The same will be said for Down Among The Dead Men.


    Wheeler: What is the next step for DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN?

    Ingram: There’ll be more releases coming, that’s for certain. I’ve got a couple of new tracks on the go, though due to my wife’s recovery and my own projects (work, family, home, guest vocals) I haven’t actually worked on them too much for a while, though things are looking positive in that respect so I’ll get back to writing shortly. We’re going to be looking for some shows and tours to get out on as well, but I have a feeling we’ll do another album before that. Plus we need to sort out the drummer situation once and for all. I know 3 people who could fill that spot easily. Just how much is a plane ticket from Scotland?

    Thanks so much for the interview! Here’s my current top 5 albums and a few links of possible interest:

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    Paganizer – On A Gurney To Hell
    Bonesaw – The Illicit Revue
    Queens of the Stone Age – Era Vulgaris

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    With DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, fans will be able to nostalgically enjoy Ingram’s vocals while at the same time bang their collective heads to new music in the self-titled debut out now through Cyclone Empire and Metal Blade Records!



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