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  • Meaningless Noise – Topon Das sur les...

    Posted by Topon Das on August 16th, 2014

        If you want to tour the world in a low level underground band like myself (and I’m sure many of you), you really have to learn to deal with a lot of shit and work the best with whatever is handed to you. This reality actually hit me pretty late, as the first […]

  • Meaningless Noise

    Posted by Topon Das on February 25th, 2014

    Tout simplement basé sur les chroniques régulières que l’on peut retrouver de la part de Vinnie Paul et Dave Davidson, par exemple, dans les magazines et sites de médias divers, Ondes Chocs a approché Topon Das, musicien (Fuck the Facts) et producteur (Apartment 2 Recording) canadien afin qu’il nous livre des textes divers sur les […]

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